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John "Frugal" Dougall Campaign Announcement

John “Frugal” Dougall, three-term Utah State Auditor, today filed to run for the United States House of Representatives in Utah’s 3rd Congressional District. Having served as a state legislator and having won three statewide elections, Dougall is known and extremely well-regarded by voters throughout Utah.


Dougall issued the following statement:


“I’ve spent years fighting to keep the government off Utahns’ backs and out of their pockets.


“Recognized as Utah’s Constitutional ‘Watchdog,’ my priority has been fighting government waste, fraud and abuse both as a legislator and as your Auditor, delivering solid results in both offices. I have more experience fighting government corruption than all other candidates in this race combined.


“As a legislator, I was a leader on Utah’s last tax reform, cutting taxes to keep more money in the hands of Utah families and to make Utah’s economy stronger. I fought against excessive state regulation and for preserving your individual freedoms. I led the initial charge to reform Utah’s pension system to protect Utah taxpayers from propping up a financially unsustainable system.


 “My work as State Auditor brought greater transparency and accountability to state and local government. Our office found corruption and mismanagement, helping increase efficiency and effectiveness from small towns to large state agencies. I initiated Utah’s efforts to protect your privacy and reduce government intrusion in your lives.


 “You don’t have to be an auditor to know that Washington, DC is broken. We’ve all heard it before, but left unchecked, Congress’s insane spending is destroying our economy, and with it, the security and freedom of the American people. We must be laser focused on fiscal responsibility. We can’t be distracted from finding, exposing, and eliminating waste, fraud and abuse. 

“DC sure does love spending other people money. Since President Obama took office, the national debt has nearly doubled; adding almost 17 trillion dollars. That’s more than all the debt accumulated during the rest of our nation’s 230 year history.  Shockingly, this has been supported by both parties. Again, we must not take our eye off the ball. To put this in perspective, Congress has allowed almost ONE-TRILLION-DOLLARS to be added to the debt just since the beginning of football season. Will they add another trillion by the time March Madness rolls around? Now is the time for fiscal responsibility. No one in their right mind believes this is sustainable. Certainly, Utah Republicans know that it is not. They have been demanding something better – something more responsible


“We must elect a true principled conservative, with a track record of finding and eliminating government waste, fraud and abuse if we want to fulfill Utahans demand to get our House in order. If Utahns trust me to go to DC to represent them, I promise you that I will fight to stop this insanity that is sacrificing America’s future.  

“That is why today I am announcing my candidacy for the 3rd Congressional District from the Great State of Utah. I will bring the same dogged energy to the U.S. House that I have brought as a legislator and your auditor. If Utahns want a Congressman with unquestioned experience as a taxpayer watchdog, with a proven, demonstrated conservative record, I have no doubt our campaign will meet with success.”



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